when in doubt 
pedal it out...

when in doubt pedal it out...

when in doubt 
pedal it out...

when in doubt pedal it out...

when in doubt 
pedal it out...

when in doubt pedal it out...


Ebikeskw is a privately held company with its headquarters in Kuwait. We specialize in lightweight and easy to handle electric-bikes which are perfectly designed for modern needs. At Ebikeskw, we thrive for your satisfaction by delivering best quality products. We believe in “To change the world, one needs to start from their own self” and, though it might not seem much, but a small change can go a long way, e-bikes are the best alternatives to fossil fuel-powered motorbikes without any compromise in speed or comfort. We provide a wide range of models, where you can find the one which perfectly suits your need. Experience evident elevation in range & speed as a result of fully rechargeable, lighter, denser capacity battery.


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We are living in the future! In all aspects, technology has improved our lives by constantly providing us with solutions that require less efforts and produce higher yields. On one hand, if technology has made more time for us to focus on the “creatives” of life, it has also made some of us less physically active. One of these transformational technologies is mobility through fossil fuel-powered vehicles which, though, adds the much-needed acceleration to our lives, but also stands responsible for the rapidly increasing Global Warming. Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace renewable energy-powered transportation. Ebikeskw adds value to it by making this experience fun, easy and accessible for you.  


Thumb Push Activated Throttle

Using a rider’s thumb, instead of their wrist, the throttle allows one to keep a constant grip on the handlebar throughout the entire throttle range of motion, which translates into less rider fatigue and more rider safety.

Off-Peak charging

Charging a battery means drawing power from the power grid. While this consumption is necessary, it does not have to be a strain. After a long day, one can charge their bike during off-peak hours.


A Green Way to Have Fun.


Long lasting solutions which can meet your monthly travel needs with ease and is easy on your wallet.

Zero-contact travel

Easy commute- No crowds, no queues, no shared vehicles.

Long Range Battery

High capacity, lighter and denser battery provides maximum range.



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