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6 Common Misconceptions About Ebikes

In the past, many regarded e-bikes with scepticism. They were fed with misconceptions about this new-age mode of transport. 

But the tide is turning, and e-bikes have become more and more popular as a smart alternative for urban transport.

Following are the top six myths about an electric bike in Kuwait and how they have been debunked:

  1. Cannot get wet 

Some people fear that since e-bikes have electrical components like a battery, they cannot survive wet and rainy conditions. The fact is, most e-bikes in current markets are moisture-resistant and can withstand wet conditions. Puddles and wet roads are not big issues since they are designed to protect electrical components from splashing water from any direction. This implies that you can ride the e-bike in the rain without any fears of potential damage. At the same time, take care not to pressure wash or submerge the bike in water because it can lead to permanent damage.

  1. Need extra maintenance

It is wise to note that e-bikes are, at heart, modern versions of traditional bikes. They comprise the same brakes, gears, and chains as standard bikes. So, e-bikes need the same level of maintenance as a standard bicycle.

Similar to regular bicycles, the degree of maintenance required for an e-bike depends much on usage levels. For instance, a bike used for daily commute will need more maintenance than that used for recreation during weekends.  

Tasks of maintenance for e-bikes are the same as regular bikes. The only difference is the e-bike battery- it must be charged, and there are some best practices for its proper running and maintaining its durability.

  1. Lack of exercise

The assistance offered by the e-bike to the rider through electric power has perpetuated the myth that riding an e-bike cannot offer exercise. But e-bikes are just like traditional bicycles because you have the option to pedal when you want and at whatever rate you want. E-bikes only offer a boost to your efforts. You can opt to ride a steep hill without assistance, and the extra weight of the battery can contribute to workout effort. For instance, there are e-bike models which allow fine-tuning of the amount of effort in riding them.

  1. Amounts to cheating

If you are using an e-bike for the Tour De France, it could be counted as cheating. But in regular use, the best electric bike in Kuwait is just like a regular bike with only the addition of an electrical system. It will help you stay outdoors and active. It helps in traveling long distances, without causing you to be sweaty and tired.

  1. Cover the limited distance

E-bikes make use of a battery that will not last forever. But following depletion of the battery, the e-bike can be ridden just like a normal bike. The only limit to the distance covered by an e-bike is your energy level and sense of adventure.

  1. E-bikes are for the lazy

Some consider the assisted pedaling offered by an e-bike as a contributor to laziness. However, if you look at things from the right perspective, getting outdoors on a bike is much better than languishing as a couch potato inside your home. E-bikes only help in easing pedaling, so riders like to ride faster and cover longer distances, so they are nowhere near lazy. 

In sum, these are some of the common myths surrounding e-bikes and how they can be debunked, so you need not think twice about buying one for easy urban transport.

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