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Top Health Benefits Derived From Using Electric Bikes

The economic and environmental benefits of using electric bikes tend to be well famous. Electric bike Kuwait is faster and more practical compared to regular bikes. It offers a cleaner option for transport compared to automobiles.

The electric bike is also fun to ride and easy to use for casual errands and commutes. But health benefits that are quite substantial are less well known. Following are the top health benefits of riding electric bikes:

Enhance heart health

As per many studies, there is a close link between heart health and bicycling. As per a 2017 study, researchers from the University of Glasgow discovered a connection between cycling to work and reduced heart disease risk. Those who cycled the total length of their commute experienced a nearly 40% less risk of cancer, heart disease, and overall mortality.

Regular riding of electric bike is like regular bike commuting and will help in improving heart health specifically and overall health in general. Another study reported that persons who biked regularly had 15% fewer heart attacks compared to non-cyclists.

Longer and healthier cycling

Riding electric bikes has made it possible to cycle for long distances. Those persons who have switched to cycling using electric bikes have found it easier to make the transition from other modes of transport. This has amounted to the success of campaigns of improving health statistics.

Enhance cardio-vascular system

Riding on electric bikes even a few times every week can enhance the cardio-vascular performance of an adult and general health in modes similar to using regular bicycles or undertaking vigorous walks.

Many studies have reported that cycling has been one of the best cardio exercises for persons of all body types and age groups. It helps control body weight, burn calories, build up stamina and enhance bone and muscle strength.

Low impact exercise

Cycling on electric bikes is a low-impact exercise that is soft and tender on the joints, and as opposed to hard sessions of gym training, it doesn’t put one at risk of sprains or injuries. Therefore, it offers an ideal workout for elderly persons suffering from conditions like arthritis. There is also no need to be deterred by electric bike prices in Kuwait.

Boosts immune system

As per a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, moderate exercise such as regular riding of an electric bike can reduce the risk of an adult contracting an infection of the upper respiratory system by 29% in contrast to adults who don’t do exercise. A University of California (San Diego) research found that 20 minutes of daily exercise that has been adjusted as per one’s level of fitness can boost one’s immune system.

Combat Type-2 diabetes

A study by the University of Bristol kept track of the impact of riding E-bikes on a group of persons with Type 2 diabetes. They found that though riding an e-bike was not as vigorous an exercise as a conventional bike or jogging long distances. Still, the activity offers better exercise than simply walking. The study concluded that riding electric bikes may help reduce risks linked to Type 2 Diabetes and may even play a role in remission of the disease linked to weight loss.

Less stress, insomnia, and mental health

Mild exercise of using e-bikes has been found to enhance sleep, bust any stress and result in improved mood and mental well-being. It lowers the risk of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

In sum, this is a quick look at how hitting the road on an e-bike boosts both mental and physical health.

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