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Why Is It Important To Maintain And Repair An E-Bike?

Maintaining an electric bike is not a difficult task. You have to spend some time every weekend, and that’s it. In this post, we will deal with why and how you can maintain and repair an electric bike. 

Before you go out on a ride with your electric bike, you should perform some tests. These tests will make sure you get the best and the safest ride possible. You should never forget to perform a mechanical and electrical test before you go on a ride. Mechanical tests include the tire pressure and the suspension setting. You should also check if the brakes are working properly. Electrical tests include testing the battery level and if the motors are in good condition. These simple tests will make sure that you have a safe and happy ride. 

Here is the importance of maintaining and repairing an electric bike. 

  1. Better battery life: It is no secret that the battery life decreases with time. With some easy tips, you can increase the life expectancy of the battery. The first tip would be to inflate the tires correctly. When the tires are correctly inflated, the battery will have to do less work to push the bike. You would have experienced that you need to put in fewer efforts when the tires are fully inflated. Moreover, you should ride the bike in the correct mode. You should neither drive it too fast nor too slow. In both cases, the battery would get drained sooner. 

  1. Good health of the bike: When you maintain and repair your bike at regular intervals, you keep your bike in good health. Always check that the tires are inflated correctly, brakes are working at full potential, all the cables are present where they should be, the motor is in good health, etc. All these simple checks can increase the life expectancy of your bike by at least a few years. If you perform these simple tests, you would feel that your bike is forever young. You will feel a different amount of pleasure when you are riding your bike. 

  1. No surprises: The most important benefit of regular maintenance and repairing of the bike is that you don’t have to meet surprises. Suppose you forgot to check the battery percentage before you drove on your bike. Now, what will you do if the battery drains out in the middle of your adventure? It would be a horrible feeling. You would crush yourself as to why you didn’t check it earlier. It is a good habit to perform regular maintenance and repair of your bike. 

How should you store your e-bike after a ride?

After you have completed your ride, you should keep the bike clean, dry, and fully charged. You should always keep the bike ready for the next drive. Keep it neat and clean and fully charged. A quick inspection of the bike will not take more than five minutes. However, these five minutes can save you from a lot of unnecessary surprises afterward. 

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