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Why More People Choose E-bikes As A Transportation Solution

If you have been dwelling at length on opting for an E-bike as your mode of transport, you have much company. As per a recent study by Deloitte, the number of e-bikes used around the world will climb from 200 million to 300 million between 2019 and 2023.

If you are an urban dweller, you need not depend on any reports to note that the use of e-bikes is burgeoning fast. We can observe more and more people zipping across congested cityscapes on motorized bicycles daily.

So why are e-bikes becoming so popular? Here are a few reasons why:

Congestion of cities

As per another stat from Deloitte, the world’s urban population is expected to grow by 2.5 billion people by 2050. This means that cities are likely to grow more congested than ever. With the car-centric culture of urban roads, there will be longer commutes and more traffic congestion. Parking of vehicles is another related issue.

One solution could be boosting public transport, but even this has limits. Trains become overcrowded, and buses get stuck in the same traffic jams as cars. Hence, commuters with a long-term perspective opt for e-bikes for their transport needs. For one, 2-wheelers occupy less space compared to 4 wheelers. E-cycles are easy to park, and in cities that are bike-friendly, you can zip away in the bike lanes, avoiding traffic jams.

Versatility and speed

More persons are opting for electric bikes in Kuwait even with robust bus and rail public transport systems. This is because e-bikes are an effortless compromise between public transport and a personal car. Like a train, the e-bike avoids the need for parking, paying for fuel, and navigation through traffic. At the same time, the bike offers the privacy, personalization, versatility, and freedom of a car. You can go when you want, where you want. No need to wait for others and you will reach your destination faster than by train or bus.

Fit for any lifestyle

One reason for the popularity of e-bikes is their accessibility as a solution for transport. Because of their built-in motor, you need not be in excellent shape physically for navigating hills or traveling far. E-bikes serve the needs of persons of all ages, fitness levels, and sizes.

The versatility of e-bikes extends to the issue of physical fitness. You can save fuel, money, and time by biking for exercising without committing to a hard-core session of working out at a gym.

Travel farther

Commuters can go long distances using fewer efforts thanks to the fewer muscles involved in the operation of an E-bike. You can even cruise at a reasonably high speed.

E-bikes have also thrown open opportunities for personal transport for individuals and families who cannot afford their cars. E-bikes permit persons in low-income communities to connect with wider communities, pursue new education opportunities and expand their search for jobs. 


Those who wish to save money on their daily commute should consider switching to e-bikes. Electric bike price in Kuwait is indeed higher than that of regular bikes. But they serve many practical functions.

A regular bike can help in office commute, getting exercise, and exploring your city. But an e-bike is a more comfortable option that helps deliver the convenience of a car minus the fuel cost. An e-bike helps travel farther than a regular bike at much less the cost of running a car.

In sum, e-bikes offer a slew of benefits that match the needs and choices of the modern urban consumer, and as such, they are growing in popularity as the ideal mode of transport.

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