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When Buying An Electric Bike, Look For These Features

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are rushing to buy these bikes. There are many advantages of using an e-bike like you don’t have to worry about fuel; they are eco-friendly and readily available. Here, we will share with you some features that you must look for when you are buying your first electric bike. 

  1. Type of the bike

With the evolution of technology, now you have many different varieties of electric bikes. You name your requirement, and you have a bike specifically tailored for the same. So when you are going to buy your first electric bike make sure you are clear about what are your requirements and then buy an e-bike accordingly. 

  1. Kind of drive

Basically, there are two types of e-bikes in the market, pedelec and twist-n-go. In pedelec, the motor automatically assists you in your ride as per the speed at which you ride the bike. On the other hand, twist-n-go is a type of bike where you will have to press a button, and only then will the motor assist you in your ride. So decide on which type of bike you want to own. 

  1. Motor mount

The motor can be mounted in one of the two places; either it will be at one of the wheels or at the crank and pedal area. The latter one is good for driving on steep hills but is a bit noisy as compared to the former. You should find out what your requirement is and only then go for buying an electric bike. 

  1. Battery

Mostly you will find a lithium-ion battery in electric bikes. However, modern bikes come with more advanced batteries that are lighter, charge quickly, and last longer. However, these types of bikes are a bit on the expensive side. The quality of the battery is a very important consideration when you are buying an electric bike. You would not want your battery to run out in the middle of your ride. 

  1. Range

Range refers to the distance an electric bike can cover on one charge. It is one of the most important specifications. You would want an e-bike that lasts at least 10-20 km. It is better if it lasts longer. It is a very frustrating experience when you have to drive your e-bike without any charge. It is just a hefty bicycle, then. 

  1. Cost

Cost is another important consideration before you buy your first e-bike. You would not want to spend all your monthly income on an e-bike. You should choose the one that best fits your budget. Evaluate the requirements you want and then accordingly select your e-bike. 

  1. Test ride

If your retailer allows a test ride, it would be a very good experience. You would be able to understand how the bike performs before having to pay the price of it. Looking at the bike is one thing, and testing it is another. 

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